My awkward new hairstyle that is like a growing out pixie part 2

Hey ladies ;) so you know that awkward hair grouth stage which you’re growing out a pixie and it is barely touching your shoulders? It’s actually the 2nd awkward length in growing out your hair process. Well I have it. Yep I decided to grow out my hair and not makin it into a pixie :)). Okay so imma tell you some advice hairstyles to do on this hair length and may be able to post pics of hairstyles later okay? Okay. So let’s roll hahahaha ;)

1) okay so you wanna start by brushing your to de-tangle it from any knots. Next up leave your part at the place where your hair naturally parts & grab 2 sections of the back & tease them. Then you wanna grab sections from each side and also tease them. Once you get to the front section tease it and bring it to the back gently comb all your hair back then you wanna grab a front section push it up twist a lil’ then pin. Then you wanna grab 1 section from each side , push it twist then pin it. Pushing on the sides is optional :D. Next the hair in the back you divide it into 2 sections w/ your hands ( doesn’t really have to be exact ) & each section you french twist it and pin it for a more cute look you can try to make twists really close to each other. For a messy look go ahead pull a few hairs out from the sides and mess up your cute lil’ baby hairs :* .

2) you could also do one big french twist in your & yes it can be done on this hair length and if hairs fall out from the sides just grab bobby pins & pin them down . Also to make it cuter you can also grab a decorated hair clip and put it on top of your twist also to hide any sticking out bobby pins from the top of the twist. :D

3) Guess what? You can finally start doing braids in your hair at this length. Yaaaaaay!! So you can do a basic french braid or a basic dutch braid :3. If any fall outs occur just grab you bobby pins pin’em & hide’em. This is a really cute hairstyle cuz it keeps the hair out of all your cute faces



Hi! so today was supposed to be me writing a long logical topic about how to get over someone with a big introduction which I already wrote then deleted it XD ( seriously LOL ) but then I found out that i’d be writing meaningless things. straight to topic, truth is I was deceived…… so what we all…

How to get over your crush OR someone whom you loved but turned out to be a hypocrite??!!!

Hi! so today was supposed to be me writing a long logical topic about how to get over someone with a big introduction which I already wrote then deleted it XD ( seriously LOL ) but then I found out that i’d be writing meaningless things. straight to topic, truth is I was deceived…… so what we all love people and we have to get deceived in someone. But that doesn’t mean that I should let myself & the same goes for you for all of you. People fall down we make mistakes but that doesn’t mean that we should be mad of ourselves because of them. each and every single one of you is surely an amazing person. how do I know? it’s because even though I haven’t met any of you but there is something that I believe in & it’s that every single person is special & unique in their own way. And it’s really up to you either to be unique in a good way or in a bad way.

All that is your first step you have to forgive yourself & understand that you are not at fault here & also love yourself for the amazing person you are <3.

Okay, now for the part which I’m sure all of us girls can relate to : snacks. See that chocolate bar and chips bag and the 1000 kg of sweets next to you XD ? get rid of it & keep away. It doesn’t if you have to lock it up in a locker and eat the key or let your dad bring a police tape & put it on them , whatever happens don’t be weak and eat those things. Personally, I’ve found out that it’s best to start doing activities instead especially sports that you use force in’em. Honestly just the power of the hit or kick or runnin’ fast or even dancing hard have helped a lot so instead of crying & shouting & even sometimes breaking stuff sports will do you a HUGE difference.

MOTIVATION: I have to say also one of the things that kept me really motivated believe it or not are motivational songs. I actually focused on the lyrics and found out that they have more meaning than what we all thought. They are also really good for you to listen when you are alone or playing sports. Besides, there is a saying that goes : “depressed? headphones on, volume up & ignore the world”. Catchy right? hahahahaha but seriously it really expresses the situation. So why not try it , just don’t over do it :D.

OPENING UP: One of the most important things on your way to really get over it is opening up to someone about it. Don’t be shy it’s okay to talk it out with someone you trust such as a relative or a close friend. :)

TAKING CARE OF YOURSELF: The best thing to do is to pamper yourself a lil’ bit. Steal a day for yourself goin’ to the spa with your girlfriends , or go shopping even go have some ice-cream & desserts. 

I really hope this helped sorry if the points are a little dis-arranged & if you have any thing that I could help you with please don’t be shy i’ll be glad to help in anyway I can.                       bye.

                                                        xoxo, Nouran Ahmed.

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Some tips for growing out short hair, diet & hair care routine

Hey ladies I’m back :) now, it’s been a while yes but the important thing is I’ve new tips for you about how to grow out short hair and take care of it. so they are right don below and I hope u like them :D :

1) just like hair products can make your hair grow a healthy diet will also make your hair grow fast & healthy, so make sure to have a healthy full of balance and biotin-filled food such as : A- salmon. B- tona. C- avocado. D- eggs. E- carrots. F- almonds. G- chicken. H- walnuts. I- milk. J- berries. From all those foods you will have healthy long hair in no time!

2) some of the options that you may also wanna consider is treating hair with oils. Personally I usually massage my hair about 3 times a week with coconut oil. The one that use I got it from oriflame sweden it’s rich in vitamin b and it adds to my hair a really nice shine but be careful not to use too much cuz in the end it contains water and may make your hair a little greasy but other than that after you apply oil to your hair and massage your head w/ it why don’t you go ahead and use a wide comb to spread the product through your hair. This will guarantee the spread of the product through all your hair so your hair is entirely nourished from the roots to the ends.

3) I think most of you girls can relate to when I say that a lot of us may not know how to deal w/ our natural hair and so we decide to use the apply heat to your hair option which cause a lot of damage to our hair. So here’s what I go for I usually use the hair x heat protectant product from oriflame I really love it. The botte says you can use it on wet hair I most of the time use it after I apply heat on my hair that is also okay. And mostly write now I use it 2 times a week w/ my oriflame cocnut oil so as to undo most of the damage done to my hair. This will also add nice fragrance and great shine to your hair. ^_^

4) I got 2 words for ya ladies hair wax. Hair wax is amazing for your hair it softens your hair and decreases its friziness which I know is a major problem for us girls. Applying hair wax to your hair will help you tons of times in styling your natural hair even if you apply heat to your hair.

5) all of this will help your hair grow faster and healthy :)) and in the same time will give your hair a chance to breathe from all the heat. In addition to all of this you can wear you hair in high hairstyles such as pony tails and buns which will allow oxygen to the lower part of your hair which will also help in growing out your hair and you could just pin the fall out hairs back in.

So that’s it I hope this piece of info has been helpful for you and I hope you enjoyed it . Please if you like this don’t just stop at that but also click the reblog and follow options. That’s it I love you all so till the next blog byee….


So yea every girl wants to pamper herself even if she is single and that comes in all sorts of things. There are sports , beauty and hanging out. I can’t really talk about hanging out but I can talk about beauty and sports.

In this update imma be talking about my next blogs and my hair update.

Some of you reading this would understand my hair update part but what’s w/ the sports?

My blog is officially gonna be all about celebrity news, staying fit and beauty which are 3 things every girl adores.

Now straight to the topic did you know that to play sports and have results u have to have a healthy diet? And did u know also know that sports and good diet help in growing out healthy hair quick? See where I’m going at?

You see practicing sports make the blood flow in a better way through all your body including your head sculp cuz when you body is healthy your hair is blessed w/ it as well. So you are not only growing hair or building a good healthy beautiful body ( which we all want ;) ) but you are also building a life style which will ensure you a healthy living that u love and get used to!

So… right now I’ve been working out at home just doing some diff. Types Of crunches and russian v’s and all and the people who made it possible are ( XHit ) on you tube so go check them out. I mean telling you how I do the exercises won’t really he’ll unless you see it yourself. They have all kinds. Of workouts for you girls. You are just gonna love it and what gives even more encouragement is that the whole team are girls, which makes it easier fr us to believe in our ability to do it! Don’t forget no pain no gain and if it hurts it means it’s working! Just be strong.

Now to what you’ve all been waiting for ……………HAIR UPDATE!!! So now my hair is about 1/2 or 3/4 way to the end of my neck and if you reached that point guess what? That means you can do even more hairstyles ( yaaaaaaaaaaaaaay ^_^ )
So be ready in my next few blogs :1) tips for growing out short hair.
2) simple tips for healthy diet and how to maintain it.
3) more hairstyles on this hair length
4) hair care routine & the products I use
5) the 1 sport that is really good for girls that I found out about .

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Thank you

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